En route pour une ville durable

Sensors and services for sustainable cities. A competitive cluster project that aims to create a citywide ecosystem of M2M services, by means of operable networks that are compatible with urban facilities and sensors.

Status : Complete

Budget : 6.100.000€

Funding : Fonds Unique Interministériel

Project Information

This project has been certified by two competitive clusters.


The objective of this France Télécom-sponsored project is to provide an open-source platform and middleware for the creation of smart urban services (automated street lighting, control of water, gas and electricity, parking lot management, pollution measurement, and so on).

The SensCity project was inspired by the finding of overly-fragmented M2M services in cities, caused by a strictly vertical approach (end-to-end dedicated infrastructure). SensCity aimed to build common bricks for the network of sensors/actuators, based on open-source, potentially standardized protocols, and to provide a shared data collection platform for M2M services.

From this perspective, the project is clearly a success, as witnessed by the creation of m2ocity by Orange and Veolia Water.

Project partners