DotVision Field Unit

Power and energy measurement module for single-phase and three-phase systems.

Product Info

Grid Edge Gateway

Smart Grid deployement lacks a flexible way to gather data and act onto network. Spoony, Cloud Device, is the solution. Directly installed within an electric panel (format DIN 3/2), Spoony captures energy consumption data, analyzes and transmits it through the Cloud. This programmable device can answer to any request regarding energy management system.


Main Features

Size (meter) (L x l x h) 0.09 x 0.053 x 0.062
Weight (gr) 200
Voltage measure range 0 – 600VRMS
Power supply 80 – 265VRMS (AC | DC)
Measure precision Up to class 1 (deponds on the current transformer used).
Plastic Box IP20
Certifications CE and CEM
WIFI extension : ROHS
Format DIN 53mm large (3×1/2 module)
Electrical compatibility Single-phase and Three-pahe (Delta/Wye)
Actuator Binary output (12V, 60mA) for control-command
Sensor compatibility Current Transformers (Split core, Solid Core)
Connectivity Screw terminals (measuring inputs), plug-in screw terminals (relay and Modbus RS485 outputs), RJ45 (Ethernet).
  • RS485
  • USB
  • Wifi (Optional module)
  • Ethernet
  • 3G (Optional module)
Suported protocols
  • Modbus RTU - RS485
  • Modbus RTU - TCP (Ethernet/Wifi - Master/Slave)
  • HTML for configuration (Ethernet/Wifi)
  • Embedded software
  • MQTTs
  • FTP
  • SSDP (Discovery Upnp)
  • NBNS (Netbios Name Service)

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