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With 15 years of experience in France and abroad, plus two patents, DotVision is a consulting and development company in the field of the Internet of Things. Thanks to the substantial resources allocated to its in-house R&D, it develops innovative, open-source, upgradable technological bricks, software and solutions, particularly in the domain of intelligent power management.

DotVision and the Smart Grid

DotVision works hand in hand with companies the likes of General Electric and Alstom Transport, as well as on collaborative projects like Energy Positive IT, with the aim of developing smart grid management systems that are adaptable to smart buildings. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings and cities will be a major energy issue in the coming years and will require the implementation of new monitoring, control and energy optimization tools. This “smart building,” “smart city” approach will make buildings and cities smart and communicative, for better overall energy performances and from a perspective of rolling out power grids that are, themselves, smart. DotVision is an active member of the competitive cluster Systematic and a member of the Steering Committee for the Intelligent Power Management working group.

Our Products


Grid Edge Gateway

Spoony is the field unit marketed by DotVision. It measures power and energy at single-phase and/or three-phase facilities. It has a remote control erase function and offers automated energy management programming. It also has the ability to interface via Ethernet, WiFi or 3G, making it completely autonomous and freeing it from the need for a modem and/or gateway.



EPIT 2.0

EPIT 2.0 aims to create an open-source information system to help steer power and carbon footprint management services in eco-districts. This system will provide for the secure, real-time management of clean energy resources (mini-wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and incinerators) and of power storage and distribution infrastructure (battery arrays, compressed air, electric transportation, etc.) in the eco-district.



Sensors and services for sustainable cities. A competitive cluster project that aims to create a citywide ecosystem of M2M services, by means of operable networks that are compatible with urban facilities and sensors.


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